Meteor Mania at Kitt Peak: The Geminids

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Get away from the bright city lights and join us under the dark skies of Kitt Peak National Observatory during the peak of a major meteor shower! Watch a mesmerizing light show created by hundreds of tiny sand grain-sized space rocks entering the Earth's atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour. Space is limited, so make your reservation today. Pre-registration required. Adults and families with children 8 years or above are encouraged to attend. Dress for cold weather. Coming next: November 16: The Leonids; Dec 13: The Geminids.

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Meteor Mania at Kitt Peak: The Geminids
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  • S. R. 86 (Ajo Way)/Junction 386
    Tucson, AZ 85726
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory
  • Reservations required: 520-318-8726. Pricing information available on the Kitt Peak website.