Toby Slade of Haley Jane & Desert Rock Band SQWRL!

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Toby Slade has been a part of the Tucson music scene since 2001 when he began playing out as a solo artist. Early on he started connecting with other local musicians eventually forming alt-rock band Haley Jane. Slade continued to make music and perform with other hometown projects including FM Stereochild and as the bassist for The Breakdown. Recently, Toby Slade has been performing his own songs under his own name and as always bringing energy and passion to the music he so clearly loves. SQWRL! is a “"Desert Rock" band from Tucson, AZ known for compositions that include three guitars, blending alternative rock, power ballads, and arena rock. "Desert Rock bands" are known to contain elements of psychedelia, blues, alternative rock, grunge, heavy metal, hardcore punk, and other genres, often featuring distinctive repetitive drum beats, a propensity for free-form jamming, and "trance-like" or "sludgy" grooves. Enjoy the show at Fox Tucson Theatre.

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Toby Slade of Haley Jane & Desert Rock Band SQWRL!
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  • 17 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701
  • Fox Tucson Theatre
  • Free Event, featuring raffle items, concession discounts and more